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tv   Despierta America  Univision  August 22, 2013 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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come on. you're laughing too much. there's something wrong with this. when you laugh that much, i get concerned. you know what? if you find out where it's at, you won't forget the next time. "but the wise took flasks of oil along with them [and also] they had their lamps that had oil in 'em. while the bridegroom lingered and was slow in coming, they all began nodding their heads." we all get tired of waiting. "and they fell asleep. but at midnight there was a shout, behold, the bridegroom! go out to meet him! then all those virgins got up and put their own lamps in order. and the foolish said to the wise, give us some of your oil, because our lamps are going out." i can just hear 'em right now, "sister, i'm out of oil. can i have some of yours?"
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"but the wise said, there won't be enough for us and for you; go to the dealers and buy for yourselves. and while they were going to do what they should have done a long time ago, the bridegroom came," and they missed out on the whole thing. hallelujah. look at verse 13. "watch therefore [give strict attention and be cautious and--" uh-oh-- "active], for you know neither the day nor the hour when the son of man will come." we need to live ready. we need to live full up with the power of god. full up on the word of god. your faith needs to be sharp and we need to have up that shield of faith. be ready all the time. if you thought jesus was coming back next friday... man, would you be busy and active in this next week.
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come on. just think about the things that you'll probably do this next week that you wouldn't do if you thought jesus was coming back in a week. oh, i'm making everybody nervous, ain't i? we have to live ready. you know, i know different people have kind of bent in different directions, and i'm not one who's given much to being overly concerned about when jesus is coming back. i don't get into all the post-trib, pre-trib, mid-trib. are we gonna be here for the tribulation? aren't we gonna be? when's jesus coming, you know? i believe we should know the signs of the times, and they're everywhere, so whenever he's gonna come, we're a lot closer to it now than we were a while ago, and every day we live, we're getting closer, but i just believe we should live ready. i don't think we should have to get ready. i think we need to live ready.
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>> [applauding] >> joyce: if you walk in your authority and know who you are in christ at all times, then when the devil comes after you, you don't have to get all in a dither trying to take authority... "i take authority over you today. you're not gonna do this to me." you know what i found out? if you just walk in love, he can't touch you. he can come against you, but he's not gonna win. i mean, stirred up, on fire, hot with love. 1 timothy 6:12 says we gotta fight the good fight of faith. faith is a fight sometimes. 1 john 5:4, "for whatever is born of god overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith." now, we're gonna go somewhere
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that i've never tried to go in a meeting, so we'll see what happens, because i want to try to teach you today that although we can use our faith to get the things that we want and need, what are you supposed to do when you don't get what you want? "have faith in god constantly." it's our faith that pleases god, and if we want to be pleasing to god, then we have to learn to just stay in faith, no matter how long it takes, no matter what it looks like, no matter how it feels. if it's fair, if it's not fair; if it seems just or unjust; if god vindicates us in 2 days, if it takes him 20 years... come on. my father sexually abused me and it was 55 years
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before i saw the vindication, but i eventually got to lead my dad to the lord, and i baptized him. >> [applauding] >> joyce: didn't happen quickly, but it happened. and you know what? even if he would have never received christ, my position was to still be believing, even when he died. the only thing that can end faith is manifestation. come on, now. so it's interesting that in the bible, we have what's called the faith hall of fame, and i've been reading this the last couple of days, and i have to tell you that i am just absolutely amazed all over again. you say, "well, why have you never gone through this in a meeting?"
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because--ushers, lock the doors. because not one of these people who are here in the heroes hall of faith got what they were believing for. now, i mean, i don't expect you to clap and cheer, so you just, you don't need to. but they died still believing, and the bible says that they obtained a good report and they're our example today. and not only that, the bible says that they were sustained and controlled by their faith. i love that. can i tell you something? and if you've had enough experience with god, you'll agree with me. so if you have had enough experience with god, then i want you to say
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a hearty amen when i say this. yes, getting what we want is the coolest thing. that's not where i wanted the "amen." but to be honest, even if you're not getting what you want and you have real faith, to you, you're just as happy as if you had it. >> [applauding] >> joyce: and i've just come to the conclusion that if i don't share this, not only with you but all the people that are watching around the world by tv, then i'm not doing you a favor, because i am not gonna sit here and tell you that if you exercise your faith, that you are gonna get everything you want in life. i'm sorry, but i'm not gonna tell you that, because i don't believe that the bible says that, because there are times when we pray amiss.
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james 4 says, "you have not because you ask not, or you do ask and you don't receive because you're asking with a wrong purpose and an evil, selfish motive, or you ask amiss." just because we want it doesn't necessarily mean that it's in god's plan for us to have it right now or maybe not ever, but i'll tell you one thing, and you listen to me. if you really know god, if you really know who he is and you know his character and you really know that god loves you, then even if you don't get what you want, you will trust god that he has something better in mind-- >> [applauding] >> joyce: now, this is when faith gets good. "god, if you don't give it to me, then you've got something better in mind and i'm just not smart enough to know how to ask for it." can we move over into that kind of faith today, where we're not trusting god for something, but
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we're gonna say, "i'm just gonna trust you all the way through. i'm gonna die believing. i am gonna trust you, god, that you're good, and everything in my life will work out good if i keep my confidence in you." can we trust god for that today? i want you to come into a new level of peace and joy, and i tell you, when you start living in that kind of faith, mmm, mmm, mmm. i'm not saying that it doesn't hurt when we don't get what we want, but trusting god, really trusting god gives you so much peace. "but joyce, it's not fair. it's not right." trust god. trust him. "god, if it's taking longer than i thought, then there's something that you're doing that i don't understand and know about." god's ways are greater than our ways. so now, hebrews 11.
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"now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of the things we don't see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not yet revealed to the senses]." so get that. faith makes it real to us in the spirit, even though we don't have it in the natural... verse 4, "[prompted] by faith abel brought god a better and a more acceptable sacrifice than cain." so faith can cause you to give your very best, where fear will cause you to hold back the best and give what you're comfortable with. mmm.
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verse 5, "because of faith enoch was caught up and transferred to heaven." the bible says that enoch walked with god and he was not, for god took him. i bet that was exciting. "where did enoch go?" verse 6, "without faith it's impossible to please god. but those who come to him must believe that he is and that he is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him." god is good. prompted by faith. now, i want to just call your attention to the fact that these were people. "[prompted] by faith noah, being forewarned by god concerning events of which as yet there was no visible sign, took heed and diligently and reverently constructed and prepared an ark for the deliverance of his family." god told him about a flood
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that was coming, and you have to understand, they didn't know what rain was, and it took him a hundred years to build the ark and everybody thought he was stark, raving mad. now, just, you ain't thinking. think with me. we can't even hardly get through lunch at work if we're being made fun of and not part of the group. "well, i know i probably shouldn't sit there and listen to the dirty jokes, but you know, i'm just lonely." oh, don't you sit there and look like that. he was laughed at and made fun of for 100 years, and he did it how? by faith. "i trust you, god. i trust you. i trust you." hey, listen, when i stepped out to do what i'm doing back in
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1976, i lost all my friends. got asked to leave my church. everybody thought i was stark, raving mad. "you think you're gonna do what?" and half the time, i thought i was stark, raving mad. but i'm still here, amen? >> [applauding] >> joyce: and noah built the ark by faith and he didn't drown. "[urged on] by faith," verse 8, "abraham, when he was called, obeyed and went to a place where he was destined to go, even though he did not know or trouble his mind about where he was to go." i love that. think about this; abraham had a family, had a home, had a tent, had cattle, and god said, "um, i can't do what i want to do with you here.
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you're gonna have to leave this place and go somewhere else." "okay, god, where do you want me to go? "well, you pack up everything and start moving, and then i'll tell you." come on. i mean, do we really think that that was just like..." oh, okay. sure, no problem." why did god have to do that? maybe something that abraham didn't even understand at the time. a lot of times when god asks us to do something don't understand. it's like, "why would you want me to do that? why couldn't i have winning ministry and have everybody clap and cheer for me? i mean, after all, i was just being a sweet little girl trying to do the right thing and i lost all my friends and got kicked out of my church." what i got for coming up higher with god was loneliness and rejection, but it put me in a place where i got to know god really well 'cause i didn't have anybody else.
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a lot of abraham's family, if you study history, were idol worshippers and what god wanted to do with him, he couldn't do unless he got him out of there. "go to a place that i will show you," so he went. "[prompted] by faith he dwelt as a temporary resident in the land which was designated in the promise [of god even though he was a stranger] in a strange country." verse 10, "for he was [waiting expectantly and confidently]." he was waiting what? with faith. he was waiting with faith. "i'm so sick and tired of waiting on god. waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. when, god, when? why is nothing happening to me?" but if we wait with faith and wait confidently, we can say, "i don't care what i see or feel. i believe that god is working. i believe that god is working." sarah, verse 11, who'd already
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had the change of life and was wrinkled everywhere you could be wrinkled, says that, "she received physical power by faith to give birth to a child." wow. now, verse 13. "these people all died controlled and sustained by their faith, but not having received the tangible fulfillment of [god's] promise." well, wait a minute, sarah did have a child, yes, she did, but they were believing for something far beyond that. they were looking forward to the messiah that we now trust and enjoy. they were looking forward to going into that promised land and they traveled all their life to get there, and never entered in. but they died in faith and now they're in the hall of fame, and you know, i'm not gonna have time to do this justice, so i may have to go at it again some other time. but if you go over to the next page, verse 17, "by faith
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abraham, when he was put to the test," offered up his child as a sacrifice, because he believed that even if god let him kill isaac, that god was able to raise him from the dead. abraham had so much faith, he said death can't even stop god. death can't even stop him. "[prompted] by faith," verse 21, "jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of joseph's sons." verse 22, "[actuated] by faith joseph, when nearing the end of his life, referred back to [the promise of god], how the israelites came out of egypt and headed for the promised land, and he gave instructions concerning his bones." he said, "you take my bones with you when you go, because dead or alive, i'm gonna end up in the promised land." >> [applauding] >> joyce: come on. is anybody hearing me today?
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what do we have to be afraid of? even if we don't get everything here, we're gonna be here-- let's say you live to be old, a hundred years, and then you've got eternity having everything you could possibly ever want. no more crying, no more tears, no more sadness, no more night. god himself will be our sun. we will know him even as he knows us. and you know what you won't need the heaven? faith, because you'll have it all. stay with me. when moses was born and they were killing all the children, his mother had enough faith to say, "i'm gonna hide him and send him off on the water and just trust god."
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and you know the story. pharaoh's sister found him and raised him as her own son, which was exactly what god wanted, because it put moses in exactly the position he needed to be in. moses, when he was grown and he saw the oppression of his people, the bible says in chapter 25, i love this-- i mean, verse 25. "because he preferred to stair the oppression [the suffering and the hardships] and to bear the shame of the people of god rather than to have a fleeting enjoyment of a sinful life," he walked away from that great position. he did that by faith. sometimes you gotta go into things by faith. sometimes you gotta walk away from things by faith. is anybody listening today? >> [applauding] >> joyce: and on and on it goes. "[motivated] by faith he left egypt." verse 28, "by (simple faith and confidence in god) he instituted the passover.
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[urged on] by faith," verse 29, "the people crossed the red sea." i wonder how moses felt when the red sea was in front of him and the egyptian army was behind him, and god said, "go forward." "uh, excuse me, god. are you not seeing what i'm seeing here?" come on. sometimes you gotta put your toe in before the water parts. you're not hearing me. maybe you gotta get a little more committed than what you might be now. this thing just goes on and on and on and on. verse 32, i'm just about done. "and what shall i say further? for time would fail me to tell of gideon, barak, samson, jephthah, david, samuel and all the other prophets who by [the help of] faith subdued kingdoms, administered justice, obtained promised blessings, closed the mouth of lions, extinguished the power of raging fire."
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verse 39, it says it again. "and all of these, though they won divine approval by [means of] their faith, did not receive a fulfillment of everything that had been promised them." now, i know some of you are thinking, "well, this is kind of a bummer." that's exactly why i've never bothered to share the whole thing in a meeting, because even as a preacher, i'm not too thrilled about everybody why are you doing it? because i want you to know that faith is not just to get what you want. faith is to take you through the times when you don't get what you want, and let me tell you something. god will always take care of you. we may not get every single solitary thing that we want, but god will always take care of you. he will take care of you.
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and they didn't understand why they didn't get the fulfillment, but verse 40 says, "because god had us in mind and had something better and greater in view for us, so that they [these heroes and heroines of faith] should not come to perfection apart from us [before we could join them]." so god actually asked them to make the sacrifice, to keep trusting him and not see the fulfillment of their dreams, so he could leave the door of grace open for us gentiles to be gathered in, and we can all march in together when jesus comes back, amen? >> joyce: you know, trust in god is one of the most important things that we need to learn to do. when we trust god, it releases peace, and when we have peace, we have joy. we have a devotional, a new one that we're offering that i think you're gonna love, love, love. it's called "trusting god day by day,"
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365 little mini-teachings on trusting god. and also, an audio that i believe is gonna really bless you. it's "21 secrets to trusting god," a 21-day audio devotional. so you can listen to this and you can read your book, and i believe between the two, all the doubt and fears are gonna get squeezed out of your life. have a great day. >> announcer: don't spend another day focused on the worries and cares of this world. change your perspective by learning to trust god day by day. for a limited time, we're offering joyce's newest devotional, "trusting god day by day," along with a three-cd audio devotional, "21 secrets to trusting god" request your copy today. contact us right now using the information on your screen or visit us online at >> announcer: you've been watching "joyce's bootcamp: spiritual fitness conditioning."
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this bundle also includes joseph's latest two-sermon audio series, "receiving from jesus." to order these resources, call us toll free at 1-877-901-4300 or visit us at today. >> announcer: today with joseph prince. >> you don't find, all right, people saying things like when there's a tsunami and there's an earthquake, they say things like "acts of god." you don't say, "acts of the devil." so that's what's been fed to the human race, the house of saul--not house of saul. i shouldn't be doing this. the world, the whole world, the house of saul has been hearing that god is after them. "god only cares for his glory. he doesn't care about you.
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he uses his power to put you down, to give you disease." and all the while that boy never heard david sing the song of lamentation, the song of the bow. the house of saul never saw how david wept when he hugged jonathan and how he promised, no one told the house about the vow and the covenant between david and jonathan. well, here is one preacher. i'm telling you that you got a covenant with god, the god of heaven and the earth. if only someone, a representative, would come to the house of saul and say, "stop. everybody freeze. what is wrong with all of you?" say, "we are packing to run." "run from who?" "david." "david? david love you, lah."
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okay, no lah. okay, "david love you, man." i saw david's tears when he heard how david-- how jonathan and saul died. i heard him sing a sad song, one of the saddest songs i ever heard. his heart is for you, he will take care of you. david never wanted the throne. "and david will never, never kill you. he loves you. he loved--mephibosheth, david loved your dad. don't run." but instead, there's no representative. there's no messenger of good news, the word "gospel." you see? see, all of you have a responsibility, huh, response-ability, okay? you gotta go out there and tell the world, the house of saul, god is not mad at them, that god loves them. tell them that god is not out to put disease on them.
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god is out to take disease off them. tell them god is not mad at them. tell them god is mad about them. god loves them. amen? it's your responsibility. a lot of people out there, just like what we were when we were lost, we thought that god is after us and all that. imagine little mephibosheth, he fell down because of this haste. some of you today, you are lame, all of us, we are lame. i shouldn't say some of you. all of us are lame in some ways, all right? not lame physically, but we are lame. we have a huge weakness that we try to hide. we don't want people to know. we can have a lot of money and we are lame in other ways, lame in our marriage, lame in parenting, you know? and then we say, "no, pastor, i got it under control." that's a lame excuse, you know? or our brain's lame brain, you know, we are lame. the human race is fallen and it's not god's fault. we blame god for it.
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every time there's a lameness, we blame god. i'm sure mephibosheth throughout his entire teenage life, his adulthood, he blamed david. it's david's fault. if david didn't come after us like that--and david never came after them. i would not have fallen. the world blames god. not only are they afraid of god like mephibosheth is afraid of david that one day david will kill him, but they are bitter towards god. that's what fear does. and some people say, "well, pastor prince, we gotta preach the fear of the lord." just remember, all right, the fear of the lord is defined by jesus in the wilderness temptation as thou shall worship, all right? if you teach the wrong kind of fear, whatever--remember this, if you make someone fear you, in a matter of time they will hate you. just remember that, all right? if you make your children fear you, a matter of time, they will hate you, amen,
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but fear can be misplaced. the heart of david was for mephibosheth. it's for the entire house of saul, but their fears were misplaced. why? no one told them the good news. no one told them the good news. are you hearing, church, what i'm saying? and some preachers today are responsible for that. they are like people who come to the house of saul in mayhem and say, "why you all running?" "david is coming to kill us, only if you have sinned." everybody has sinned. "no, he won't kill you," all right, "if you know how to behave." you know what? they all still start running. but you come to them and say, "there is a promise that david cannot break. it's deeper than just an agreement. it's a covenant. david cannot break it." all right, if someone only came and told them. you know, when god cut covenant with you through jesus christ, do you know something? god doesn't have to
7:34 am
cut covenant. people cut covenant between two, you say, "why do we have an agreement?" because one day you might renege on what you said. you know why we have an agreement? because one day you might back way from what you said," right? so we have a covenant to ensure each other. now, you might back out from god's covenant, but god cannot. so god cut a covenant, not for his benefit to bind himself, but for your benefit so that you know that god has bound himself, all right, to the covenant so that you will feel secure. god doesn't need the covenant. he cut it to make us secure, okay? so some time passed, mephibosheth grew up and the bible says he grew up in a place called lo debar. lo in hebrew means no, all right? you hear them saying, "lo, lo," lo means no. debar, debar is the word debarim, in the book of deuteronomy. debar is word so it's either no word or no pasture.
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so he was in a desert. he grew up in a desert. he and his nanny and a few other guards and all that, they were out there in the desert and they were staying there because it's as far away from david as they could, in a place called lo debar. of course his life as a prince wasn't there anymore. when you live in lo debar, you low the bar. people end up in bars, have you noticed that? when they have the wrong concept of god, they always end up in bars. lo debar. it's called lo debar. okay, i bring this to a close. finally one david, cut a long story short, david became king, all right, of hebron, then david became king of all israel. and david one day looked at his hand, his wrist, and he saw the incision, the covenant. and this is what david said. "now david said," in chapter 9 of 2 samuel, "is there still anyone left of the house of saul, that i may show him
7:36 am
kindness for jonathan's sake?" kindnesses is hesed. so he lift up his hand and says, in the palace to his men, "is there anyone left of the house of saul, that i may show kindness for jonathan's sake?" so god has cut a covenant with our heavenly jonathan, our lord jesus christ, who died on the cross for all our sins and god is lifting his hand, the same hand that cut a covenant with jesus christ. and god is saying, "is there any in the human race i can show kindnesses for jesus' sake?" and all of us said? "is there anyone i can prosper, i can heal their families, heal their bodies, bless them, give them my riches? is there anyone in the human race that has a good opinion of me?" and someone said, "there was
7:37 am
a servant of the house of saul, he was still around. his name was ziba. so when they called him to david, the king said to him, 'are you ziba?' he said, 'at your service!' then the king said, 'is there not still someone of the house of saul, to whom i may show the kindness of god or the grace of god?' and ziba said to the king, 'there is still a son of jonathan who is lame in his feet.' so the king said to him, 'where is he?' ziba says, in lo debar." no pasture or no word. so david said, "david sent and brought him out of the house of machir from lo debar." now watch this, can you imagine hearing the hoofbeats of david's men coming? all right, all these years you have this bitterness, resentfulness, fear, worry, that one day you'll be found, david will kill me and now you hear the hoofbeats coming. your greatest fears are about to
7:38 am
be realized and the door open, "mephibosheth." someone says, "run." so he took him to david and he's probably trembling. "when mephibosheth fell-- had come to david, he fell on his face and prostrated himself. david says, 'mephibosheth?' he answered, 'here is your servant!'" first time david laid eyes, probably he looked like jonathan. it's jonathan's son after all. mephibosheth says, "here is your servant." he must be trembling, "here is your servant." imagine, finally face-to-face with the god that you thought was out to get you. and god is calling you by name. jesus says, "i call my sheep by name." it's always, "saul, saul, why do you persecute me?" he calls you by-- he knows you by name. mephibosheth.
7:39 am
next, "david said to him, do not fear." let's turn to our neighbor and say, "don't fear." you know, the first message from heaven through an angel in the new testament is "don't be afraid, i bring you good tithings of great joy. don't be afraid. it's always don't be afraid." when jesus appears to his disciples after he-- after he rose from the dead, it's always, "don't be afraid." you know heaven's first message to you is always, "don't be afraid." david told mephibosheth, "don't be afraid. for i will surely show you kindness for jonathan your father's sake." all of you listen to this, god is saying to you, "i will surely show you kindnesses and grace for jesus' sake, all of you. if you are sick, you need healing, listen to these words, i will surely show you kindnesses.
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i will surely show you grace." for who's sake? jesus' sake. not stop looking at yourself, "am i obeying enough? am i doing this enough? am i, am i, am i?" it's not about you. it's not about mephibosheth. "mephibosheth, can you stand or not? i'm the king. unless you stand properly, i cannot give you my inheritance. stand! and that's why mephibosheth,on once saved, not always saved, unless you stand properly." no, while he was lame, "i will surely show you kindnesses for jonathan's sake, our heavenly jonathan, our lord jesus." then he--and he says this, "and will restore to you all the land of saul your grandfather; and you shall eat bread at my table continually."
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i do not know whether you know the privilege of partaking of the lord's table every sunday here. it's actually the royal feast. it's only for princes and princesses. i don't know whether you realize, it's the royal table that god has laid out there because god remembers what his son did. hmm? "then he bowed himself, and said, 'what is your servant, that you should look upon such a dead dog as i?'" remember breathing out shame? when you live in shame, you breathe out shame, you talk shame, you call yourself a dog. "i'm useless. pastor prince, you don't know me. you know, you don't know what fall i did. i had a bad fall last time or not." forget it! he's not gonna show you kindnesses because you had a fall. he's gonna show you kindnesses for jesus' sake. "i'm a dead dog." it's not about you.
7:42 am
but you get so easy when you are thinking of yourself to breathe out shame, but when you think of his goodness, you think of his grace, you think of his mercy, you think of his loveliness, it is so easy to forget self and get lost in his love. amen? next verse and let's finish with this, "the king called ziba and says, 'i have given to your master's son all that belonged to saul and to all his house. you therefore, ziba, your sons and servants, shall work the land for him, you shall bring in the harvest, that your master's son may have food to eat. but mephibosheth your master's son shall eat bread at my table always.' now ziba had fifteen sons and twenty servants. then ziba said to the king, 'according to all my lord the king has commanded, so will your servant do. as for mephibosheth,' said the king," this is how the story ends, alright, "he shall eat at my table like one of the king's sons." look at this, the last verse because of time. drop down the last verse.
7:43 am
so mephibosheth dwelt in jerusalem--oh, by the way, i must show you this. verse 12, "mephibosheth had a young son whose name was micha." micah means who is like god, you know? the result of experiencing god's grace is always you go around saying, "who is like god? come on, who is like our god?" the result, the result of mephibosheth experiencing. you know god is saying-- listen, look at me. god is saying to all of us, "i will be kind to you, and not just to you, but to your sons." are you listening? the covenant blesses your children and your children's children. hallelujah. my children are blessed and their children are blessed, even before they exist, they are blessed. that's god's promise, all right? so mephibosheth, this is the last verse here. "mephibosheth dwelt in jerusalem, he ate continually at the king's table." and it ends like this, "he was lame in both his feet." in other words, you don't have to be perfect to come to the table. you don't have to be perfect to eat of god's blessings.
7:44 am
you don't have to have-- you gotta learn to walk in the spirit. yes, we walk in the spirit, but none of us walk in the spirit perfectly. and you know what? we still can eat. don't wait until you are perfect, you wait forever. we eat and what we eat makes us perfect in that area, whatever area we need perfection, amen? i'm telling you, church, you eat and your eating will empower you. that food will empower you to live the overcoming love. come on, church! god is saying, "i will surely, surely, surely, surely." notice, three times for three floors, all right? "i will surely show you kindnesses. i will surely, not maybe, not perhaps so, all right, surely show you hesed, grace for your heavenly jonathan's sake." and all the people said? amen. give him praise, church. hallelujah. hallelujah. hallelujah. praise the name of jesus. and that's why david
7:45 am
wrote that song. ♪ safety lies in ♪ the shadow of your wings ♪ i rely on your ♪ faithful covering ♪ arrows fly and javelins ♪ but i will not be afraid ♪ for i dwell in ♪ the shadow of your wings ♪ in the shadow ♪ in the shadow ♪ in the shadow of your wings ♪ in the shadow ♪ in the shadow ♪ in the shadow of your wings and i believe right now the same anointing that mephibosheth felt as david opened a door to a new chapter in his life, i believe the lord wants to
7:46 am
open that door. wrong believing ends right now and right believing towards god is crucial. it is not about right doing, it's about right believing. when you believe right, you will do right. it's all about believing right. when saul's house believed wrong, trouble came. mephibosheth became lame all because of a wrong opinion of david. a wrong opinion of god can hurt you. god doesn't hurt you, it's your wrong opinion. that's why the apostle paul says, "everywhere i go," acts 20 he says, "i preach repentance towards god." and people don't understand what's repentance towards god. change your mind towards god. change your mind, your opinion about god. "i preach repentance towards god and faith towards our lord jesus christ." repentance means change of mind.
7:47 am
change your mind about david, house of saul. he's not out to get you, he's out to bless you. he's out to show you kindnesses. every head bowed, every eye closed all across this place. everywhere that's watching this, you say, "pastor, pray for me. i want this wonderful, heavenly jonathan, jesus christ, who died on the cross for my sins to be my savior and lord." if you want to enter into this covenant, realize this, it is not your blood. it is not your sweat. it is not your effort. it is not your works. it has been done. it has been finished for you. jesus christ died on that cross for all your sins. he rose from the dead without them, signifying all your sins have been put away. god raised him from the dead in pleasure, in honor of what he did and god set him in the place of glory at his right hand.
7:48 am
and today your heavenly jonathan is there, at the father's right hand to represent you and i. and the bible says, "as he is, so are we in this world." if that is you, wherever you are, you want to enter into this covenant with god, this good covenant where good things, the goodness of god, the grace of god, the love of god, the inheritance of god becomes yours, and the biggest inheritance is forgiveness of all your sins, past, present, and future. if that is you, wherever you are pray this prayer from your heart right now. say, "heavenly father, i thank you for the gift of your son jesus christ who died on the cross for all my sins. you raised him from the dead in glory and power as a testament that all my sins have been put away. you glorified him and sent your holy spirit down, and i receive your holy spirit. and i thank you, lord, that
7:49 am
all my sins have been forgiven because jesus christ is my lord and my savior now and forever. in jesus' name, and all the people said, amen and amen and amen. praise god, hallelujah. praise the lord. lift your hands to the lord. this coming week, the lord blessed you, the blessings of abraham, and the lord keep you, preserve you from all harm and evil. the lord make his face shine on you, be favorable towards you. the lord himself lift up his countenance on you and may you always see him shining, shining on you on your path, on your family. the lord's grace and peace is mighty upon you throughout this week. in jesus' name and all the people said, amen. god bless you. >> announcer: thank you for tuning into our broadcast.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
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- today on "ricki"... imagine hitting the jackpot. how did sudden wealth change your husband? - i think having the ability to just have whatever you want-- your whole life becomes a party. - inside the lifestyles of the filthy rich. - and how much money were you making when you were playing? - they gave us a nanny, an assistant. they gave you your housing. they gave us a car. - what happens when you blow through your millions? do you have in the back of your mind that maybe this money is not gonna last forever? - 78% of n.f.l. athletes go broke within two years of retirement. - the harsh reality of having it all... - people come out of the woodworks, long-distant cousins that i never ever met. - ...and losing it all. - having money doesn't solve any problems.
8:57 am
- the more money you have, more problems. - i thought it was just a rap song, but now i really do believe it. - will i ever make $108 million again? i mean, i don't know. - on "ricki." - ( cheers, applause ) - oh, good. good good good good. hi. welcome. great to have you guys. thank you so much. thank you, thank you. hi, over there. have a seat. thanks. thanks, thanks, thanks. great, you guys. have a seat. i love the love. thank you so much. imagine hitting the jackpot, whether it's winning the lottery, receiving a massive inheritance or being drafted into the n.b.a. sounds pretty wonderful, doesn't it? - yes. - but as most instant millionaires will tell you, money does not guarantee happiness,
8:58 am
and often it comes at a price. our first guest was living large-- money, cars, luxury homes in manhattan, south carolina, new jersey-- but it all came crashing down when her husband, n.b.a. star jayson williams, accidentally shot a chauffer in their 35,000-square-foot mansion. please welcome television legal commentator tanya young williams. - ( applause ) - how are you? - great to see you again, tanya. thank you so much for being here. how did you even meet jayson? - jayson and i met in college. we were college sweethearts, so i like to say i've known him for over half of my life. so we had a college romance, and he went off to the n.b.a., i went to law school. and some seven years later we reunited and soon thereafter got married. - had two children. - we have two amazing children-- wisdom and triumph, yes. - and so let's talk about your lifestyle. i mentioned a 30-- is it 3500-square-foot house? - ridiculous. - is that possible? - yes, it was 35,000 square-feet, and any toy that a man wanted, we had.
8:59 am
so it's the indoor and the outdoor pool, the indoor and the outdoor basketball court. golf, 9 holes, there. but unfortunately we also have a skeet-shooting range and that skeet-shooting range, which was a toy, ended up being the catalyst to bring a lot of the things we have down to a halt. - and so-- everything including your lifestyle had to change after having to raise the money for his defense. - well, we didn't have to raise the money. we had the money. - you had to use the money. sorry, you had to spend the money. - his defense cost $13 million but the biggest part of your life that changes is that you become so engulfed in trying to save your life. so it's not the spending, your life just changes, because you're in court for eight years. you're raising children and being in court for eight years. personally, my life stopped, my career stopped, because i was consumed-- all consumed with trying to help my husband not go to jail, trying to help my children's father not going to jail.
9:00 am
so your life changes tremendously. - how did sudden wealth change your husband? - jayson is-- he's a gregarious gentleman. and he's a gentleman who wants everyone at the party. and he wants to pay for the party, and he wants to pay for the after-party. and so i think having the ability to just have whatever you want whenever you wanted it-- he took full advantage of that, so your whole life becomes a party. - and does that-- do you start getting filled with resentment, that these people are always there, taking? - i really didn't have time, ricki. i can't speak for others. i was engulfed in court. i was going to trial pregnant. each of my children were born during eight years of trial. - wow. - so as much as i didn't want the people around, i really had to focus on keeping my husband out of jail and raising my children so they would be detached. you know, they shouldn't have to deal with that at their age, so that's been my issue. - ( applause ) - you're a good mama. - yeah, i try. - as far as the accident, what did happen that day?
9:01 am
it was a skeet-shooting collection he was showing? - one of the toys, i said, was a skeet-shooting machine. and there was a game with the harlem globetrotters, and-- as jayson always would-- he had to buy dinner for everyone. so all 20 people went to a restaurant that we would frequent, and after that he wanted to tour them. more stuff, tour them around a 35,000-square-foot house. more money, more problems. so because you want to show off the house and show off your closet, now you want to show off a new gun you have. and in pulling out the gun-- he invited everyone in the house, but the chauffer, mr. christofi, had come in without him knowing. and when he flipped the gun closed, it inadvertently went off and mr. christofi lost his life. i was telling someone very recently, though, at the end of the day, it all started with wanting to show off. you're showing off your wealth, you're showing off at the restaurant, you're showing off your stuff. and you don't know... ( snaps ) this fast your life can change just because of stuff. - and what impact has this whole situation had
9:02 am
on your family and your marriage? - well, i filed for divorce about two years ago. the greatest impact is that my children don't have a father who's engaged in their life. and i'm very open to the changing dynamics of families in our culture. however, when at all possible, a child should have a mother and a father. so i think the greatest problem or what hurts my heart the most is that he's not involved in my children's life as he should be-- not emotionally, not financially-- and i think he's missing out on an opportunity to see these amazing girls become amazing women. so that's the biggest-- that's the biggest problem. i have a family that's always been there. i have a family that i spend a lot of time with-- meaning aunts, uncles and cousins. my mother's always been my anchor. my brother-- so that hasn't changed at all. - where's jayson now? - jayson's in new york. my prayer is that he becomes psychologically healthy and that he really understands that he does still have an opportunity to be an asset to my daughters' life
9:03 am
and no one can take away his gifts and his talents. and if he gets his focus right, i think he can still do amazing things. - mmm, love is free, right? love doesn't cost a thing. - absolutely. - thank you so much tanya. great to see you. - thank you for being here. - thank you for having me. - up next, n.b.a. all-star antoine walker blew through $138 million. let me repeat that. he blew through $138 million and racked up $800,000 in gambling debt. will he be able to make a comeback or will his money woes bury him alive? we will talk to him after this. - ( applause ) - was there a hitting bottom for you? was there a point where you were like, "okay, things need to change"? - and later... - i thought we were there to re-sign. i had already talked to the manager. he already told me that he wanted to sign him again. so i'm like, "yay!" and my husband's like, "i think i'm done." i'm like... - so was there something that happened? what was it that made you think, "i'm done"?
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on all your tough messes. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie get the sensation. we have been talking about how big money can cause some big problems. our next guest is a three-time n.b.a. all-star who played for the boston celtics and dallas mavericks and won a championship with the miami heat. but after 13 seasons in the n.b.a., his world came crashing down when he realized that he had burned through more than $138 million. whoa. please welcome antoine walker. - ( applause ) - great great great to have you here. thank you so much for being here and for talking about this. because i think this is probably something that more people, especially in your field, go through. they don't know how to handle their money. you don't necessarily come from money-- i'm not gonna-- i assume that maybe you didn't grow up with a $138 million laying around. - well, i mean, first, let's get the numbers correct.
9:07 am
- okay. - i made $108 million-- the last two years wasn't guaranteed. - okay. - so sometimes the numbers get misconstrued, but it's still a lot of money. but no, i didn't grow up with a lot of money-- inner city kid from chicago. so oldest of six. my mom's a single parent, so i didn't grow up with a lot of money. - and so when you're suddenly being given all this money, did anybody-- was there anybody around you to teach you how to handle that money, how to handle people that come out of the woodwork wanting some of that money? - well, i think it's a combination of things. i came into the league at 19 years old. i did do two years of college. i was fairly educated, but the biggest thing is just understanding the value of a dollar, understanding that a million dollars is not a million dollars, understanding there's only $600,000 - mm-hmm. - and that's the biggest adjustment that you have to make, especially at a young age when you come across a lot of money. so that was my biggest adjustment and also the lifestyle that at 19 i created for myself
9:08 am
was really the start of it. - can you tell us-- describe what that lifestyle is like? - i lived a very expensive lifestyle. obviously, when you make it you wanna help your mom out, you wanna make sure you get your mom a big house, your family and friends. like i said, i come from a big family, i'm the oldest of six. i have two kids of my own, so i wanted to make sure that i do certain things for them, put them in a certain lifestyle. i traveled. i had a lot of friends. i probably traveled with seven, eight guys. - mm-hmm. - so i wanted to make sure that i helped my friends. i kinda felt like it was-- i don't know-- my duty to give back, help my guys, and let them see the world that i'm seeing and the way that it goes. - did you-- did you have in the back of your mind that maybe this money is not gonna last forever? - at that time, no. i'm young, energetic, playing on the court, running up and down. i'm not thinking about that at that time. i'm just playing, just living life at that time. i'm not even thinking about life after basketball. - and you're still young. i mean, you're 36 years old. you still have your whole life ahead of you.
9:09 am
- mm-hmm. - what transition have you gone through? you went through all this money, and i know you had a gambling situation as well. how have you managed to bounce back or have you, even? - well, i've kinda really just-- believing in my family, and having good faith in god, and obviously understanding that i make the money, the money don't make me. i've got capabilities of making more money. will i ever make $108 million again? i mean, i don't know. depending on what i do in life, but i still can be able to create a good living for myself. i live for my kids. you make mistakes as parents and as an adult, but if my kids see me fall, they're not gonna want to be successful in life. so i kinda live through them and make sure that i stay on my feet. but life has been good. i'ma try to be a role model for a lot of these guys. - mm-hmm. absolutely. and has your lifestyle changed from those days, from those big heydays? - i think a lot of people sometimes think when you go through bankruptcy-- yeah, your life do change, liquidity-wise. you're gonna lose a lot of money liquidity-wise. but you also-- that's the reason bankruptcy is set up for you.
9:10 am
i'm still able to have a good life 401ks, retirement plans-- things that still have money put up in. am i as liquid as i like to be? no. obviously i'm not. but i'll get back there one day. - was there a hitting bottom for you? was there a point where you were like, "okay, things need to change quickly"? - actually, it was really more-- i was more worried about my family-- my brothers. me having younger brothers, have to deal with the negative press, being in the limelight and having your personal business put in the public eye. that's the things you kind of worry about. and it really bothers you. i have good, you know-- my mom raised me pretty good. well, i got a good balance, so i was able to deal with it myself. i was worried about my kids getting teased at school. it's a lot of little things you don't think about that when you're in the public eye-- that's what i really was worried about. - well, again, i appreciate you talking about this. i wanna introduce emil harker. he's a therapist and founding member of denovo athlete management. his motto is "no pro goes broke." emil, is it true that 75% of pro athletes go broke?
9:11 am
you can stand up. - you bet, you bet. well, 75-- 78% of n.f.l. athletes go broke within two years of retirement. - wow. now why is that? - that's a big chunk. well, when you compare that with n.b.a. athletes-- 60% of n.b.a. athletes go broke within five years. so we're looking at a huge pandemic of people who have profound ability to influence others losing so much of their power and influence when the money goes away. - but-- why? because they are so successful at such a young age and there's no one to teach them how to invest and how to budget? - well, a lot of people are going to focus on managing the money as the problem. and on the outset you go, "well, of course that's the problem." when you take a closer look, when you meet with the people, the problems aren't necessarily managing money. it's managing their life, managing their lifestyle. we listened to antoine. he created a lifestyle for himself based on the fantasy and, finally, the ability to enjoy the nice things in life and he wanted to share that with everybody.
9:12 am
but without foresight into what that's going to do, he was unable to maximize his influence for the years to come. - so where do you come in with these athletes when you work with them? do you say "no"? do you say-- - no, i don't tell them "no." it's their money. but what i do is i give them the information. first we find out: what are their goals? what do they want to accomplish in life? who's important to them? first we find out what those goals are, then we create a plan with them and then they make the decisions. we gather the information. we sit down with the athlete. "based on your goals, your objectives, here's what's going on in your life. you spent $60,000 at the bar this month. if this continues, you'll be broke at this time. can we cut it down to 10 grand?" - oh, i see. okay okay. so could you have used someone like him back then? - oh, great. that's why i'm working with him now. just as a young athlete-- just somebody to kinda oversee some of my investments, some of the things. i mean, we all have financial advisors,
9:13 am
but you need somebody watching them as well and somebody kinda pulling on your coattail. - and i think it's all relative. i think we're talking about n.b.a. money. but i think all of us can pick up some pointers from you guys being here today that can help us. thank you so much. - you bet, you bet. thanks, ricki. - ( applause ) - let's talk about your daughter. what happened? - she was diagnosed with epilepsy. and we did not have insurance in the states, which we never did. - and what does that look like when you daughter is suddenly diagnosed with this and you don't have insurance? the cost must be astronomical. - and later... - do any of you have any regrets? do you wish that you didn't come into the money when you did? dumb question, right? - ( laughter )
9:14 am
did nana ever give you cheerios when you were a little kid? yeah, she did. were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever. so...when we have cheerios, it's kind of like we are having breakfast with nana... yeah... ♪ yeah. you're so smart.
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- while alton mason played professional basketball in the european leagues of germany and holland, his wife was travelling to paris to shop at chanel and gucci. then suddenly he announced his retirement, which sent his family into a financial tailspin. please welcome alton and anita mason. - ( applause ) - welcome! great great great to have you here. and thank you so much for talking about this a lot of people wouldn't necessarily come forward
9:17 am
and talk about these issues, and they are very common for-- - yes. - all of us have financial issues, whether you have money or you don't have money. - for sure. - how much money were you making when you were playing overseas? - quite a bit. it wasn't the loaf that the n.b.a. players make, but maybe a half a loaf. - "a half a loaf"? - i mean, speaking bread in terms-- - i get it. i get it. - sorry, i was making a-- quite a bit of cash. - change. enough so that you could travel through paris and buy whatever you wanted. - look at her. - i miss paris. ( chuckles ) - so what was your lifestyle like when you lived in europe? - it was great, to be honest with you. it was basically carefree. everything was pretty much paid for. all i had to pay for was phone and gas. so everything else was pretty much paid for. we did a lot of shopping, did a lot of traveling around europe. it was great. - well, just to say-- the shopping part-- we did that because we could. we didn't have the rent, like he said. they gave you your housing. they gave us a car.
9:18 am
on some teams, i had a staff. they gave us a nanny, an assistant, things like that. - damn! - i mean, we really didn't have-- - ( laughter ) - i'm in the wrong business. - i miss it. - yeah, we do. - you miss it, but what were some of the things-- what were the best parts about this, besides having a full staff and having all that support? - exactly. - i was just gonna say the main thing i miss and what a lot of people don't know-- even though he's a professional basketball player, unlike the n.b.a., they play 80, 85 games a year. he plays about half that but in addition to playoffs if they make it. so we had a ton of time together. whenever he had a weekend off or whenever his breaks were, most of the time we were in western europe, so we could just go to paris. it wasn't just me sometimes. - the two of you enjoyed it. and you have children. i know you have four kids. - yeah, we have four. - so you had a lot of time off to make those kids. - ( laughs ) exactly. - so did they get to-- they get used to this certain lifestyle? - yeah, for sure. my son was born in belgium, so that was-- - one of our sons.
9:19 am
- one of our sons was born in belgium, so that was-- it was quite a big experience, to have somebody born that's in belgium, so-- - he has dual citizenship. there's been a lot of other perks. people see me and say, "she likes this." i like what i like. it's not like i got something that i never had before. we were just blessed. you know what i mean? there's other things that we've done-- we've given back as well. - you were supporting a lot of your family members as well. - yeah, for sure. actually, i'm supporting them-- rent, utility bills, - 'cause we didn't have that. we were over there. so we didn't have a problem doing that. - so what's changed? - uh... huh? - ( laughter ) - what's changed? - what's changed? - a lot has changed. a lot has changed. as far as just waking up in the morning, going to, as i say-- - let me help you here. - go ahead. - his schedule for work used to be-- well, i would get up, get breakfast, kids off to school at 8:00. he wouldn't have gym until 10:00-- that means just weights, one hour.
9:20 am
so 10:00 to 11:00 he comes home, eats lunch takes a nap for about two hours, and then he's off to play a practice-- which is not just the weights, an actual practice-- for two more hours, home for dinner. that's it. games on the weekend. so now it's more hustle and bustle, 9:00 to 5:00. - it's actually work right now. - work? why quit basketball? - yeah, i'm actually working. - you're still really young. why'd you quit? - um, you know, the thing about it-- - good question, ricki. - that is a great question. i just-- i figured-- i wanted to go into a new... stage of my life. i wanted to be a coach. - so wait. let's talk about money and how the fact that sometimes when you have more money, you have more problems. - did you find that to be true? - yes. - i really do believe that. i thought it was just a rap song, but now i really do believe it. - ( laughter ) - i really do, but it means just-- people come out of the woodworks. - yeah. - just people that you never-- long-long-long-long- distant cousins that i never ever met. but hey, i guess it comes with the territory.
9:21 am
more money, more problems. - yeah, was it hard to say no to people? - when you got it at that time, it's kinda hard to say no. - not for him, but for me it was. just because i would do the budget, i would have the kids. i knew what we were kinda looking at. you know what i mean? so even though it looks like this-- "but wait a minute. we have this, that and the other. we need to kinda-- maybe we can give 'em something, but not necessarily what they ask for." but if you ask me that question now-- - ( laughs ) - it's easier to say no now. - oh, man. no. - and he wishing-- see that? i wish he would've said "no" more. - coming up next, alton and anita's life changed in an instant when their child became seriously ill. we'll hear that part of the story when we come back. stay tuned. - ( applause ) - to be honest, i was mad when he retired. if he said, "okay, this year i'm playing, but i wanna be done after this year," i would've already had my career in place.
9:22 am
- and how has your marriage been affected by all of these changes? ♪ i see you made yourself breakfast. how'd you know? ♪
9:23 am
9:24 am
we are back talking with former euroleague basketball player alton mason
9:25 am
and his wife anita about how big money can lead to some big problems. and is it true you didn't come clean with her about quitting? you quit and then told her? - yeah, i was-- - why did you do that? - i don't know. - we actually were sitting down with one of the managers of the team that he was on, czech republic, and i thought we were there to re-sign. i had already talked to the manager. he already told me that he wanted to sign him again, so i'm like, "yay!" ( laughs ) - yay! - we both sit down and he's like, this, that and the other, figures-- all this stuff. and my husband's like, "i think i'm done." - so was there something that happened? what was it that made you think, "i'm done"? - i just made up my mind. just in that particular moment i wanted to just quit and go into coaching, but-- - did money have anything to do with that decision? - i didn't think about it. i thought, you know, the american way. get back home, get a coaching job. i guessed everything was gonna be fine, but-- - and we did have a healthy savings. - yeah, we did., - we really did, so for awhile we lived off of that.
9:26 am
our daughter got ill and we had-- - yeah, let's talk about your daughter. what happened? - she was... - diagnosed with epilepsy. - she had two seizures within a few months, they diagnosed her and we did not have insurance in the states, which we never did. nothing ever happened before, so we really didn't think anything would. - and what does that look like when your daughter is suddenly diagnosed with this and you don't have insurance? i mean, the cost must be astronomical. - the savings just go-- - we're still paying some bills. - the savings just-- - yeah. - they just dwindle. this is the american way. you gotta pay like you weigh, i guess. and i had to go back out there and start working as well... - for sure. - we could get insurance. he finished his degree so that he can go on to get the coaching-- - good for you. good for you. - ( applause ) - ( laughs ) - so i held down the fort while he did that. - and how has your marriage been affected by all of these changes? - to be honest, because our marriage is faith-based, our marriage wasn't affected. were there times where-- i was mad when he retired.
9:27 am
that's probably been the most thing i've been mad about, because i'm the type of person-- i plan, it has to be organized. - are you a virgo like me? - ( laughs ) no, i'm a taurus. - and i'm guessing friends that maybe came into your life, wanted something from you, and now you don't have that to give them-- you know who your real friends are. - for sure. - i was gonna say that you know even your real family-- you know who your real friends are, you know who your real family is. i'm sorry, blood is blood, but i'm talking about the people that's really gonna be there. we had rumors flying around. two years ago, i talked to my uncle and he said something like, "i heard you guys are broke or something like that." "well, whoever told you that-- how come they didn't call me and say, 'are you okay? is there something i can do for you?'" - yeah. - because that's what i used to do. - you know what i mean? - and for the record, we are broke. - ( laughter ) - please, donations. - and still happy, still together. - still happy. your daughter's well? your daughter is doing well? - my daughter is doing well. she did have an ear infection-- when was that? --the beginning of the year.
9:28 am
- but the bill-- we still have that bill. - yeah, we do. - ( laughter ) - but i was gonna say she had an ear infection at the beginning of the year and it brought on a seizure, because her temperature was so high. but other than that, she's been happy and healthy, and we just feel so blessed overall. - oh. and it's great to meet you both. you're adorable. thank you so much for being here. - thank you for having us. - up next, she won $112 million in the lottery and went from being a single woman to a single mother of five. we'll find out why right after this break. - i was doing an experiment with meditating and when it became $112 million, i thought, "all right, it has to be the lottery for me," because that's the amount i wrote down almost two years prior to that. - can i sign up for that class with you? - ( laughter )
9:29 am
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- welcome back. we've been talking about how coming into a sudden windfall can turn your world upside-down.
9:32 am
our next guest was a single mother living in east los angeles and about to lose her home to foreclosure, when she won $112 million in the california lottery. take a look. mother's day, 2007. cynthia stafford, facing financial ruin and foreclosure on her home took $2 and a positive attitude to buy a quick pick lottery ticket. the number selected at random, the cash payout she was sure of. - all i chose was the amount i wanted to win. i visualized it. i kept believing it. i kept seeing myself holding that check. and knowing that it's gonna happen. and it did. - the magic number, $112 million-- a mega-life changer, beginning with foster mother. cynthia took all five of her late brother's children into her home. she also turned her winnings into a new business and bright future, all the while, giving back to the universe that blessed her. - i had two uncles that passed away from aids... - so she gave me-- - i gave her $50,000 to help--
9:33 am
i'm still the same person. i just have more resources to do the things that i want to do. - oh! i have a smile from ear to ear. please welcome cynthia. - ( applause ) - oh, my goodness. so it's safe to say times were very very tough for you before you won the lottery. - yeah, very tough. - how close were you to losing your home? - just about to go into foreclosure. that-- with that, i had also lost the kids at the same time. and so for me, it was a very difficult-- i can still kinda feel it. it's different now, but it was a difficult difficult experience for me. - and when you played, all you need is a dollar and a dream, right? - yeah. - you played-- did you pick those numbers or were they picked for you? - no, the universe picked it. - ( laughs ) - so when you read those numbers and they all match up, what's the first thing you do? do you scream at the top of your lungs? do you pass out? i think i would have a heart attack.
9:34 am
- i was-- it was an interesting experience. my... first thought was when it became $112 million, i thought, "all right, that has to be-- it has to be the lottery for me," because that's the amount i wrote down almost two years prior to that, that i wanted to win $112 million. - you weren't greedy, but you wanted to win $112 million? - next time, 300 or 400 now. - wow. - but yeah, i thought-- i actually was doing an experiment with meditating and just wanting to check and see-- like, "does this really work?" - can i sign up for that class with you? that's crazy. so you kinda willed it to happen? - i did will it to happen. - you did will it to happen? - yes. - and so what was the first thing you bought with that money? - well, i needed money for an attorney, so the first thing i did was... pay a retainer for a good attorney so that i could get the kids back. - and how do you know how to find a good attorney?
9:35 am
because they're all, i would think, leeches. if friends are coming out of the woodwork wanting things from you, i would imagine the attorneys that you don't even know are gonna want a piece of that money too. - yeah. - how do you find a good attorney? - pray. it wasn't easy, but i did take my time, i talked to a number of people and i got a really food referral. and i have the kids back. - you have the kids back. amazing. and you have done-- you have done some wonderful things with this money. you have really done such such great acts of service. tell us what you've done. - i have donated large sums of money to various charities, one of them being the geffen playhouse, which is a nonprofit theater. it started as an anonymous gift, actually. that was one of my favorite little pastimes, was to go and see plays there. so when i had the money to donate, i said, "hmm! well, just give 'em 10,000." and i did it online. and they were like, "hold on a second.
9:36 am
this is weird, because we needed exactly 10,000 and we got it that same day." so they hunted me down and made me a good offer and that's why i have the room at the geffen. - you have a room named after you, don't you? - yes, i do. - that's wonderful, so this windfall, i mean, has there been drawbacks too? - oh, definitely. definitely. i've had situations where people have asked me for large sums of money. i didn't know them and i gave them some good advice. - ( laughter ) - and you had no problems saying "no." - yeah. - and i know you did get custody of your late brother's children. - yeah. - how did that work? - well... i had to go to court... they actually just gave me the kids after that. it was one of those situations where
9:37 am
they knew that there was some things that... it wasn't as serious as the social worker had made it out to be, so when it-- i had a court appearance. the attorney and the judge-- the judge knew me-- and he was like, "just give her the kids back." - wow. and how are they doing? - they're here. the five of them are here. they're good. spoiled as ever. - so what advice do you have for people that suddenly come into a big windfall? - whoo. don't tell anybody. - ( laughter ) - if you can keep your mouth shut, that's the best thing. but look for a really good financial advisor. and even that, in and of itself, takes some time. don't go out, rush and spend money. in my case, i needed the money 'cause i wanted to get custody.
9:38 am
so all the little extras that came on top of it-- yeah, i mean it was... ( mumbles ) - you have a production company. you have a number of features in development. - i do. i have my nonprofit. and annually i do an event at the geffen for kids who are underserved in the community. we bring to the theater. i do a number of things. - that is one of-- you really are-- it brings me such joy, because you hear these stories of people that win the lotto and their life just turns to ruins. you have truly used this to do so much good, so thank you so much for being here to share your story. - thank you. - all the best. - thank you. - next, she won a million dollars in the publishers clearing house sweepstakes, but she says it's much more fulfilling to give the money away than to receive it. her story is next. - "there's a camera crew here." he said, "are you natalie?"
9:39 am
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- okay, what would you do if you won a million dollars? would you spend it right away? - no. - yeah, i know. our next guest, natalie, was at work when she got a phone call insisting that she had to rush home to sign for a package. when she arrived, she was greeted by cameras and presented with a million-dollar check by publishers clearing house. take a look. - the good news is you won a prize. - excellent. - it's not $1,000. - okay. - you're-- - ( screams ) - ( laughter ) - ♪ i got a million dollars ♪ i got a million dollars. - congratulations. - thank you! oh, my god! - oh, my god. welcome, natalie.
9:43 am
i have hairs standing up. okay, take us through-- i didn't think anybody won those things. - that's what everyone always asks me. i was like, "i'm gonna keep entering. who knows?" but even i was a little skeptical until they showed up with that big old check. - so did you enter a bunch of times? - oh, a bunch of times. a bunch. i would say ever since i was about 19 years old, give or take, on and off. then about 2007, i started entering more frequently, like once of twice per day on the internet. - okay, all right, take us through what happened that day when you won the million dollars. - all right, let's reverse it back. they decided to start knocking on my door, 'cause i had won, but i was not there. i was at work at the time. so they decided to get on the internet, get their smartphones and start doing some sleuthing. and they found out where i worked. at the time i was working three jobs, so luckily they chose one of the correct ones at the time. they called my boss and said, "we have something to ask you. is natalie available?" he goes, "no, i think she's at her other job." "well, we need to find her, 'cause we need to give her some money."
9:44 am
( laughs ) so of course he gives them my cellphone number. - how many of you would've hung up thinking it's a joke, right? - i'm so thankful that john decided to take that call that day. so they called and said, "we have a very important package to deliver to you." i'm like, "well, just deliver it to my in-laws. they're right next door." they're like, "no, you need to sign for it." i'm like, "something's going on." and the day prior to, i had received a letter saying i had won at least $1,000 from publishers clearing house. so i was like, "ooh, nice." - that $1,000 would come in handy, right? - that would've come in handy, so the butterflies are kind of spinning right now. my mind's going, "what if it's the prize patrol? what-- no no no. i haven't ordered anything. so what's going on?" so about 45 minutes later, they find me at work, like you saw, and they have the balloons, the flowers and the camera crew. my boss happened to be on the phone-- that's who i was on the phone with at the time he says, "what's going on?" i'm like, "there's a camera crew here, and i think they're here for me." "why would they be here for you?"
9:45 am
"i think something happening." i see dave sayer and their prize patrol. he said, "are you natalie?" "yeah, i-- i'm natalie." he says, "you know why we're here?" i'm like, "i think you have something to give to me?" so they have that big old check. they said, "well"-- i said, "i at least got $1,000." they said, "yes, you did," turned it around and bam, i hit the ground. a million dollars. - i would've had a heart attack. i would've needed c.p.r. so what did you do with the money? did you quit your job right then and there? at least one of the jobs? - yes, i did drop two of the jobs, actually, and ended up getting another one. but basically, we paid off our debt. so debt-free, hallelujah! let's clap for that! we built our dream home. my husband designed it. he is wonderful and it's gorgeous. i bought-- i'm a geek. i bought a playstation 3... - ( laughter ) - ...and went to my very first madonna concert, practically front row-- not quite, but practically front row. - you never would have been able to afford that.
9:46 am
- not at all. not at all. - wow. i want to get to susan bradley. she's a financial expert and the founder of the sudden money institute and the author of "sudden money: managing a financial windfall." thank goodness you're here, susan. - thank you. - so why do people suddenly get rich and go bankrupt so quickly? - well, it's really not about the money. it's about the stress that the new situation creates. we say that when money changes, life changes. so there's a big change in life and change is stressful. it turns out that when we humans go through a lot of stress, our brain changes. our ability to make decisions, memory, short attention span-- all these things are happening at a time when we're supposed to make these big life decisions that are gonna direct the next phase of our life. it's really a bad setup. - mm-hmm. - so what we had to do-- we spent 10 years going back over this and saying, "what is missing here?" and it's process-- having to process, to understand all the moving parts and getting some tools to help you figure it out, like the stories that we've heard earlier--
9:47 am
all those people could've used some process to put it together. so we function as financial transitionists. our skill set is managing financial change, which is the money, it's the life, it's the family, it's the relationships, it's the hopes, the dreams and the fears. 'cause all that comes flooding in at the same time. - and it's probably just as equal, just different when you come into money versus when you lose a lot of money. - yeah, absolutely. - it's similar things you go through. - we have a protocol called "money shock" for people who have lost. we have other protocols for "bliss list" and what-if planning and dreaming without actually buying. planning for families. how much can i do? why do i want to do it? when? - uh-huh. - what are my expectations? do i wanna enable people to go to law school and be on their own? or am i gonna support them forever? - i wanna talk. let's take a quick break we'll talk even more when we come back. - don't go away. - thank you.
9:48 am
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we have been talking all hour about how big money can bring on some big problems. do any of you have any regrets? do you wish that you didn't come into the money when you did? - ( chuckles ) - dumb question, right? uh, yeah. - money shouldn't-- i often say money shouldn't define who you are, nor should your title or your position. because if those things go away, then who are you? so it's better to attach yourself to things that are important-- your gifts, your talents, people who you love-- because they're gonna be a constant. so be defined by the things that make you happy and that are pure, not by your money. - that sounds good, but easier said than done when you're a 19-year-old suddenly getting all kinds of money for playing this sport. i mean, i think it's-- you get that with age, i think, and life experience. - and also with family. i think it comes with the right people in your circle. i'm sure antoine can say it much better than i can, but you just have to have the right friends in your circle. - well, you can't take away your blessings.
9:52 am
it's a blessing to be able to make a lot of money, provide for your family and get 'em a better life. my family's definitely had a better life my first 18 years of my life were not great. and we had a great run where we made a lot of money over the last 14 years of our life. and now we just gotta adjust a little bit. so you don't wanna take away from no blessings. you got the money for a reason. it's a blessing to have it. obviously, you would love to be able to do all the right things with it, but like i said, you make the money, the money don't make you. so you become a better person at the same time. - just to piggyback what he said-- you get more wiser as you get older. all the things you wouldn't do at 19, you definitely wouldn't do at 35, - and we're not dead. you can still make it again. it's just money and just stuff, like tanya said. it's just stuff. - are there any things you would've done differently over the years? any choices you might've-- - i would've signed his contract before he got there. - ( laughter ) - you would've signed it for him? what about you, antoine? - i probably wouldn't invest while i was playing. i think when you play, your whole focus is playing basketball.
9:53 am
you're playing nine and a half months out of the year. i think being able to invest and watch your own money is the best way to do it. that's one of the things i would tell any young guy, anybody that's playing professional basketball. just wait till your career's over with. you're gonna be 35 to 40 when your career's over with you got plenty of time to invest and do things with your money. - mm-hmm. and health insurance. - and the other thing with playing overseas that i'm sure you can say-- like you guys with the n.b.a., they have a lot more access to financial advisors and stuff like that. us overseas, they really don't approach you that way. you have your agent and... so we did kinda miss out on that. - resources like our people in the front row here. i mean, really amazing to have. - it is-- knowledge is key on anything. - sometimes, as you said earlier, ricki, less is more. really appreciating the things you have and not wanting extra things. i would say-- what would i change? i wouldn't have had five houses, because, as i say, you can't enjoy them. so why do you have them? it becomes a frustration
9:54 am
to think about your stuff over there. so take what you have, appreciate it, share it with the people you love and guess what? the sun comes up the next day, and everybody's happy. - absolutely. words to live by. thank you so much. i want to thank all of my guests for being here today and being so candid, talking about a topic that most people are reluctant to always talk about. i would like to leave you with a quote from will smith-- "too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want to impress people they don't like." that is certainly something to think about. thank you for watching. see you next time. - ( cheers, applause )
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> announcer: and now enter into the courtroom of judge mathis. the plaintiffs and his wife said that the defendant is juanita's mother and when juanita was 15 and pregnant, the defendant kicked her out. the defendant believed her boyfriend at the time
9:57 am
impregnanted juanita and she had former gang members jump her and she's suing for van and insurance paymentings. the defendant linda harris said juanita didn't want to follow the rules and so she constantly ran away from home. linda forced to have juanita locked up. she is counter suing for a cost of a car. >> plaintiff: i am a mother of three and know it is not easy being a parent. her and i have a strained relationship. >> judge mathis: this is your mom? >> plaintiff: yes, if is. >> judge mathis: okay. >> plaintiff: when i was 15 years old i had gotten pregnant and running around with gang. she had former gang members jump me because she thought i was sleeping with the boyfriend and pregnant by him. >> defendant: not true. >> plaintiff: no one was arrested. she threw me out at 15 years old
9:58 am
and i had to sleep on park benchings. i met my husband 15 going on 16. my mother hated him. >> judge mathis: why? >> plaintiff: my mother raised to where you marry for money and not for love. she wanted her daughter to marry for money. >> defendant: not true. >> plaintiff: my mother is a dominant person. >> defendant: that's true. >> plaintiff: my grandmother said men were good for bringing home a paycheck and doing what the wife tells them to do. >> defendant: no. >> plaintiff: i don't agree with that. my husband is a good friend and husband and father. >> judge mathis: how did the relationship between you and your mom break down. >> plaintiff: she wished she had an abortion with me. >> defendant: not true >> plaintiff: i was no good . me and my father were best friends and when he passed away it got worse. she was always having me locked
9:59 am
up for one thing or other. i was not a perfect child. i a constant run away to get away from her. >> judge mathis: let me hear from you. >> defendant: she did run away. i didn't know where the hell she was. >> judge mathis: what made her want to run away. >> defendant: she didn't want to listen to rulings. my theory children get to bed and go to school. >> judge mathis: structure it is called. >> defendant: come home from school and do your homework. >> judge mathis: would she do homework? >> defendant: no. >> judge mathis: would she go to school. >> defendant: no. >> plaintiff: i did do my homework and went to school. >> judge mathis: did you have a little sex in between? >> plaintiff: yes. >> judge mathis: you had a baby at 15. don't forget that part. >> plaintiff: their marriage strained my father and mother would argue and she belittled him all of the time. >> defendant: when you have a child you are a mother.
10:00 am
>> judge mathis: i got your point and about having the structure in the household and you must listen to your mother and obey the rulings and instead of running away they will put you away. if your child refuses to obey your rulings, you can have the child prosecuted for inare corrigiblity. nais a crime. a child cannot just not listen. all of puparents, my son won't listen, call the prosecutor's office. the most that will happen. the judge will give them probation contingent upon them attending school and listening to their parents and getting decent grades. second time they are subject to take you outst household and put you in juvenile. all of those mothers who think there is no option there is one. that option is juvenile hall. keep that in mind. get to the van and insurance
10:01 am
payments that you are suing for. >> plaintiff: i had a van and she needed one. i go okay, you pay me $100 a month and car insurance i will keep it in my name. >> judge mathis: how much >> plaintiff: $1900 for the van. >> judge mathis: stand ask up and state your name. >> witness: fred danielings. the van i bought with my two social security checks. >> plaintiff: i bought the van and they were suppose tod pay the car insurance. i have the insurance formless for the car insurance, kelly's blue book and they currently still have the van. i went over to get the van on august 23rd, because she didn't make any paymentings. >> judge mathis: what happened? >> plaintiff: when i went over to get the van on august 23rd, i was attacked. >> judge mathis: by home. >> plaintiff: my sister .
10:02 am
shed them. she didn't want me to take the vehicle. fred threw out the plates of the van. i took it off of the road. after the hospital, i did not go back to get the van and i file add the lawsuit. sheep told me it was junk and would two,ip was afraid of being attacked to. >> defendant: first of all we bought the van. >> judge mathis: bought it from whom? >> defendant: me. no. >> judge mathis: quiet. >> defendant: from a dealer. >> judge mathis: from a dealer. >> defendant: dealer who is call would big boy. >> judge mathis: does anybody have. she has the title. >> defendant: see the name on the title. >> judge mathis: ma'am, when did you receive the title. >> defendant: she stole it from me. >> plaintiff: about a month ago. >> judge mathis: from where? >> plaintiff: the courthouse. >> judge mathis: why didn't you receive it from the place she purchased the car.
10:03 am
>> plaintiff: she proceeded to tear it up. >> witness: the officer took it out and hand today to her. >> judge mathis: did any of this happen. >> ripping up, yes. >> that two days after the assaulted. >> judge mathis: your counter claim for the cost of the car, prove that? >> defendant: i had, last year and i gave her the truck. under the circumstances, she pays me $600 >> plaintiff: no, i drive a chevy blazer. >> judge mathis: anybody have a receipt. >> defendant: no. >> announcer: don't go away there is more judge mathis after this. >> i met clinton when i was 18 and she was 26 . ip was attracted to him and i found out he was interested in my as well. >> bailiff: who wouldn't be? [laughing]
10:04 am
>> announcer: and still to come. >> the difference between us, i know who the father of my children are. >> and i know the father of my children. >> one is a milk man. >> i have five kid two legal husband . you both killed them. >> don't say that. >> judge mathis: i believe in tough love with emphasis on the love. you have proven your case, have a good day. what do you think i am naive to the game? i don't know how big you are in the house and you are small in the eyes of the world today. i became a
10:05 am
[ male announcer ] what if there was a help line for dinner ideas? [ superfan ] helper help line. we're on our way. you have got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken! that's really good. could i get another one of those, actually? thank you. [ male announcer ] we're here to help.
10:06 am
>> announcer: would she do her homework or go to school. >> defendant: no. on >> plaintiff: not true. >> judge mathis: you did do homework and go to school? >> plaintiff: i did do my homework and go to school. >> judge mathis: and had sex in
10:07 am
between. >> plaintiff: yes. >> judge mathis: because you had a baby at 15. nooter nart the defendant is sued by her daughter who claimed that linda had her jumped when she was 15 and pregnant because linda thought she had sex with her boyfriend. >> judge mathis: your counter claim for identity theft, prove that? >> defendant: i went to team will mobile. >> judge mathis: then what happened? >> defendant: they tommed me no way to give you a phone. i said why? they said you have a bill . i said how much is the bill? over $3000. i said you have to be kidding me. she did that without my permission. in my name with her. i gave you a copy of the bill. i also have a bill. >> judge mathis: ma'am, she said a bill went to your house and believed that you ran it up to $3000.
10:08 am
>> plaintiff: your honor, the bill did come to your house. the part television being mine is not. my mother got evicted once again. they were homeless and they stayed with me. >> judge mathis: when? >> plaintiff: october of last year. she has lived with me four or five different timings >> defendant: no. >> judge mathis: you never lived with her, ma'am. >> defendant: twice. after i got assaulted. >> judge mathis: when was the last time. oh, mipe god five years ago. that phone bill taken in. >> judge mathis: you have any evidence that identity theft. >> defendant: i have statements from people stating >> judge mathis: who is they? >> defendant: randep harris. >> judge mathis: on how do they relate. >> defendant: randy is my daughter. >> judge mathis: she is your daughter also. >> defendant: yes, sir. >> judge mathis: you don't get along. >> defendant: no, we will not. >> judge mathis: i will take a
10:09 am
recess, because at this point, i am not clear who sold whom what? , i will be back. >> randep is the boyfriend. how do does that make any sense. (bleep) >> you know your daughter sleeping with anything that walkings. >> she is 33 years old and sleeping with an 18 years old. >> she slept with your husband. you slept with your husband's brother. >> okay. >> yeah, okay. >> your nephew is gay. >> no, your nephew is gay. >> he is proud to be gay. he is gay fabulous. >> i give you that one. but see the difference i know who the father of my children are. >> and i know who the father
10:10 am
are. one a carnie and milk and gary. >> oh. >> i have five kid and two legal husband. >> and two you both killed. >> don't say i do -- >> she married richard and he croaked . she married gary he croaked. >> richard ran into a brick wall. >> to get away from her. >> your father dating another woman. >> which was your best friend. >> she was so desperate she planned a weding to a man. >> keep your mouth shut. you are better off. >> for once she is being nice. >> you are the one that is rude. >> go back and take your seat now, okay. >> bailiff: be seated, the court is back in session.
10:11 am
>> judge mathis: all right once again ma'am, you are suing the defendant for $3269 for this insurance payment and you claim that you sold her the van and she has failed to pay to the tune of ever $1900. that you had to cover the insurance possibly at $1369 and you provide me with a bill that purports to indicate the amount owed. it doesn't say $1369. it said $273. >> plaintiff: that is a month. >> judge mathis: no. the policy term is six months and so you are trying to deceive me. >> plaintiff: no. >> judge mathis: and then look at total. it said total. it doesn't say monthly. it said month six month term
10:12 am
total $273. that makes more sense. >> defendant: thank you. >> judge mathis: before you get too happy. let me tell you about your side. before you celebrate too much. in this case, she's saying that she sold you a car and you have fail would to pay, her name is on the title and you claim that she transferred the title to you. yet your name is not on the title. >> defendant: i never -- >> judge mathis: you have the burden of proofing that. her only burden is to prove is owner of the car. she has proven that. with the insurance paymentings, i believe you fail would to pay the payments, but i believe it is only the amountip spoke of and so we have $273 plus $1900.
10:13 am
>> bailiff: $2173. >> judge mathis: that is your judgment. with the cost of the car and identity theft, you have absolutely no evidence of either. you have no evidence. >> defendant: the bills went to her house. >> judge mathis: you have no. she has minimal amount of forever both claims she presents today. you provide me with zero evidence of yourlaimings. so $2173 for the plive and - plaintiff and ma'am, you am have your claim dismissed enemy you come back with the evidence. >> plaintiff: thank you, your honor. >> announcer: the plaintiff started dating the defendant when she was 18 and he was 26.
10:14 am
she eventually discovered the defendant was cheating when she saw text messages from other women in his phone. she is suing for rent and a cell phone bill. the defendant admits he still seeing other women in the beginning of their relationship but said once he and tilo commit tod each other. all of that stopped. quinton refuse tod pay rent once he discovered a man visiting their apartment. >> judge mathis: state your case. >> plaintiff: i met quenton when i 18 and he was 26 and i realm attracted to him . i if you understand out he was interested in me as well. >> bailiff: who wouldn't be? stay tuned, the case continues after this. >> plaintiff: i was upset. i loved this person. >> judge mathis: he's an honest
10:15 am
man. >> plaintiff: yes. >> judge mathis: honest about cheating >> plaintiff: that didn't give him the right to do it. if i amful to you, be faithful to me. >> judge mathis: i will. [laughing] >> announcer: and later. >> judge mathis: it is my belief if a woman asked you for money, you are buying it. you are buying it. it ain't time to ask for money unless you are paying for the
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
well, i met quentin when i was 18 and he was 26 . i was attracted to phim i found out he was interested in me as well >> bailiff: who wouldn't be? [ applause ] >> announcer: the plaintiff dated the defendant but discovered he was cheating once she saw text messages from other women on his phone. >> plaintiff: we exchange would numbers and then we finally started dating each other and
10:19 am
then we decided we wanted to be fully committed to each other. me and him and i wasn't seeing no one else and he shouldn't see no one else. that the case. he was seeing other women. >> judge mathis: beginning when? >> plaintiff: throw or four months in the relationship. >> judge mathis: when did you do that again. >> plaintiff: we got together in july. >> judge mathis: of? >> plaintiff: of 20. >> judge mathis: how long were you together. >> plaintiff: two years. >> judge mathis: you began cheating on you, so you say. so you say. he will probably deny it. she catch you cheating? >> plaintiff: - >> defendant: in the it was like dealing with other femailings. .
10:20 am
i start tod leave the other females alone. >> judge mathis:what employees the most recent time. >> plaintiff: i don't remember the exact date. >> judge mathis: the incident >> plaintiff: last incident we was living together. i went through his phone and i found the random text mess annuals . saying they should met up and they are tired of sleeping alone. >> judge mathis: how does that mean he is cheating on them. he might have been asking if he could hook her up. any of your boys single? >> judge mathis: you upon haven't told me anything else.
10:21 am
he told me that he cheated on me. he hold me this himself. i thought he playing because he didn't sound serious . i was like he serious? i was upset. i put my all into this person and i loved this person. >> judge mathis: the man telling the truth. he is an honest man. honest about cheating. >> plaintiff: if i faithful to you. be faithful to me. >> judge mathis: i will. [laughing] >> judge mathis: we'll get into the breach of contract and phone. >> defendant: i am from detroit and from chicago. >> judge mathis: what parent of detroit.
10:22 am
>> judge mathis: what parent. on evergreen. >> judge mathis: up the street. >> defendant: actually, you know. i lived there a long time. >> judge mathis: they let you over there. >> defendant: yeah. >> judge mathis: you know light skinned guys. they catch you in the hood, doc. that's where i had to be so violent and tough and play crazy again. i some what like -- go ahead. >> defendant: me and tela have been together two years and living together ever since -- 200 -- 2011. >> judge mathis: what is the relationship like? >> defendant: it good. like i said from the beginning, it was iffy after a while of knowing each other and getting used to each other, it takes time. she caught me out with other females on my phone. >> judge mathis: did you finish
10:23 am
high school? >> defendant: yes. >> judge mathis: where? >> defendant: mckennedy high school. >> judge mathis: let me hear from her about the breach of contract and you can continue with the background. >> plaintiff: we move indeed together in march 2011 . he told me that -- he was going to pay the rent and the bills as long as i put the utility bills in my name and the rent was $500 even. he told me he was going to pay the billings. in july. we living together. he told me he cheat then after that all of the trust went out of the winnow and that's when he stopped paying the bills. all of the debt was left to me. i felt like he should pay it and we moved in together. >> judge mathis: you have a list? >> plaintiff: i had to go to court for the rent that was not paid. >> judge mathis: judgment? >> plaintiff: uh-huh .
10:24 am
this is the cell phone bill. >> announcer: more judge mathis in a moment. >> defendant: she told me a guy came over and a friend she knew. talking about and you chill would on the porch. >> judge mathis: did you all stay together. >> defendant: yeah. >> judge mathis: so that wind much what? stop paying the billings. >> defendant: pretty much. >> judge mathis: you golt put out,
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> plaintiff: that's when i
10:27 am
found the random text messages from other women. >> judge mathis: saying what? >> plaintiff: they should meet him and tired of sleeping alone. >> judge mathis: might have been asking if he could hook her up. i am tired of sleeping alone. any of your boys -- [laughing] >> announcer: the plaintiff dated the defendant and she claimed she discovered he was cheating once she saw text messages from other women on the cell phone. >> judge mathis: tell me the agreement. >> plaintiff: he wanted the new phone. he told me he was going to pay the bills. got the phone and didn't pay it. >> judge mathis: he working all of the time. >> plaintiff: he had his own lawn service and don't come back to 11:00 at night. who cuts grass at 11:00 at night. became bail smokes grass.
10:28 am
>> judge mathis: what? became bail smokes gray grass. >> judge mathis: you should have known he a hard worker. >> plaintiff: no one cuts grass at night. >> judge mathis: sir, let me hear from you. >> defendant: i was paying for all . bills and i get up at 9:00 in the morning do come home. we didn't have a garage at my house. i had to go to my parents and drop the equipment off . i would get down sun goes down and go there to unload and chill with the people i work and then come home. >> judge mathis: smoke a joint and have a beer? >> defendant: you know. >> judge mathis: you got any money get you some yacy. >> defendant: not alcohol. >> judge mathis: go ahead. go ahead. at least you are work taking care of your business and you graduated from high school and in business for yourself. >> defendant: yes. >> judge mathis: excellent. a lot of guys in the neighborhood where we grew up
10:29 am
are unemployed and the overwhelming majority can't get jobs and not graduated from high school. i didn't graduate. >> plaintiff: i went there too. >> judge mathis: you went there. >> plaintiff: i graduated. >> judge mathis: i am the only one who didn't graduate from those schools. you did better in the neighborhood than me. i am proud of you to you have your own business. tell me then, about the agreement for paying the billings. >> defendant: i told her when we moved in i taking care oferching . i am not thrying, she helped out and she took care of her business. i took her everywhere. she had to go to physical therapy and doctors, i made sure she could go there. >> judge mathis: what changed? what circumstances? >> defendant: i got caught up in a situation. one day i came home, after work, she made sure the house was
10:30 am
cleaned up, and cooked dinner . i sat down and she was going to sleep and she was tired. i am chilling out and watching tv and as usual what i do. >> judge mathis: you even watch the news. you don't watch cartoonless. don't mess with my brother. my brother watched cartoons and all he talks about is bugs bunny. just kidding. he does watch cartoons and i saw him and i teasing him. you were watching the news. >> defendant: she left the phone out that she purchased and i am paying the phone bill for it and her phone went off and she had an unknown number. how are you doing? and i picked up the phone myself and texted back. i am chilling and watching tv lol. >> judge mathis: smart, too. >> defendant:ip left it at that. i knew it another guy.
10:31 am
>> judge mathis: next day i took her to the doctor and physical therapy . after we got done doing that? i asked her was another guy visiting my house when i am gone. she said no. you nide to check your messages . she told me that a guy did come over, a friend, somebody that she knew for a minute. he came over and chilled on the porch and i wanted to believe her and i be working out that harped. >> judge mathis: was it anything beyond sitting on the porch kick? >> defendant: that's all i know. >> judge mathis: that caused you to do what? how does that relate to the bills? you all stay together >> defendant: yeah, we stayed together. >> judge mathis: that kind of what, made you stop paying the billings. you hurt yourself. you got put out, too. you stop paying the bills and both of you got put out.
10:32 am
nooter nart the verdict next and coming up on judge mathis. >> judge mathis: don't do it during the time frame of being intimate. up enjoy yourself. okay. i need a few hundred. [laughing] >> judge mathis: you want to be intimate today. okay, i need a few hundred. oh, baby. i really enjoy this.
10:33 am
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10:35 am
>> announcer: the plaintiff dated the defendant and she was discovering he was cheating when she saw text messagings. >> judge mathis: i will not let you debate. you did and he did. you know you . signature on the porch. what were you doing, reading the bible. >> plaintiff: no body came over. this is something he bringing up. >> judge mathis: cell phone bill, sir, do you owe that? >> defendant: yes. >> judge mathis: you pretty much agree that you owe, but you are saying that a guy on the porch let him pay it, right? >> defendant: pretty much. [laughing] >> judge mathis: i am with you on that.
10:36 am
you pay it today, and then we'll get it from him. all right. $2592, he agrees he owes. have a good day. [ applause ] >> defendant: i really don't have nothing to say. i tried and tried to make her happy. >> plaintiff: i tried to make him happy, too. but it was not enough. >> announcer: the plaintiff michael met the defendant when they were neighbors and she initially declined the request for a date, they became intimate. michael sooneralsed that the defendant slept with him to get hands on his money and he is suing for an unpaid loan. the defendant said the only reason they near court is michaelmented a relationship with her and she rejected him. she insists she never had sex
10:37 am
with michael, but after she borrowed the money from him, he stalked her snike tell me what is going on. >> plaintiff: i am embarrassed to be here. i can't believe i naive to allow the defendant to use and deceive me out of my money for personal gain. we met in autumn of 2010. we were next door neighbors. and on and off. talking and we slowly but surely became friends. i quite attracted to her . tried to pursue a relationship and she declined and i respected that. i didn't have a problem with that >> judge mathis: did she give you a reason? >> plaintiff: no, not really. >> judge mathis: she said no . you say why not? you didn't say why not? >> plaintiff: no, i did not.
10:38 am
>> judge mathis: you didn't ask her to at least lie to you and make you feel better. >> plaintiff: i thought about it? >> judge mathis: you lie or tell me you are married or have a boyfriend. she just said no. >> plaintiff: she said she not ready for a relationship. >> judge mathis: tell me something . did you say i am not looking for a relationship either. i just want to have a good time. did you say that? >> plaintiff: i can't remember. >> judge mathis: i will have to give you a few tipless >> plaintiff: please, do. >> judge mathis: soy what happened after that. >> plaintiff: i had to back up a little bit. i was vulnerable . i say in my defense. >> bailiff: that is the first mistake. >> judge mathis: vulferable how you get the money takeb. >> plaintiff: she is very at what she does and deceit. >> judge mathis: how did she deceive you? >> plaintiff: she led me to
10:39 am
believe she was interested in me when all she was interested in the grine back. - green back. >> defendant: the reason we are here today, your honor, he didn't have a relationship and he wanted a relationship and he wanted sex, i wanted no matter. mike is a disabled vet . i felt bad for him and i was friend. he would need a ride to the store, i would take him. needed money for cigarettings, i would loan him money for that . we became friend and he sent me an e-mail wanting a relationship. i said no, at this time i am not interested in anybody. we stayed friends. he said he knew i had troubles and he said i will help you out. i said okay. i will take a loan. >> judge mathis: let me hear from you about the loan?
10:40 am
>> plaintiff: she knew the money was coming, she became closer and let me approach and reach her. >> judge mathis: what do you mean approach. intimately? >> plaintiff: we were more friendly. >> judge mathis: what does that mean? >> plaintiff: intimate. >> judge mathis: okay, say it you became intimate? >> plaintiff: yeah. >> judge mathis: then what? >> plaintiff: on the 18th we were intimate and before the sheets got cold. >> bailiff: remember that day. >> judge mathis: you been playing crazy but you remember that day. [ male announcer ] these heads belong to those who can't put life on hold because of a migraine. so they trust excedrin migraine to relieve pain fast. plus sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea. and it's #1 neurologist recommended.
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migraines are where excedrin excels.
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10:43 am
>> defendant said she and the plaintiff were never intimate and the plaintiff insists after the two of them had sex. suz an asked them for a 3000 loan. >> what happened. >> plaintiff: i became intimate. that's when she asked me for the loan. >> judge mathis: it in the same time frame? >> plaintiff: same night. >> judge mathis: man, that is kind of like tricking. >> plaintiff: no, i. i felt she was honest and earnest. >> judge mathis: you didn't think it a coincidence that she would ask you for money in the same time frame. >> plaintiff: i vulnerable. >> judge mathis: all right. well, it is my belief that if a woman asks you for money within a few hours before or after or
10:44 am
during sex certainly, you are buying it. you are buying it. there is no time to ask for money unless you are asking for the surfaces you just got or getting. that is a tip to the men and women who like to engage in the exchange of money. don't do it during the time frame of being intimate, it will seem as if it from an outside party, you are paying for it. you all right. enjoy yourself? okay, i need a few hundred. [laughing] youment to be - you want to be intimate today? okay, i need a few hundred. oh, baby, i enjoyed this, this is nice, i need a few hundred.
10:45 am
[laughing] >> judge mathis: all right, so you became intimate? >> plaintiff: yes. >> judge mathis: and later that evening she asked what and what her request? >> plaintiff: she asked to borrow $3000. >> judge mathis: $3000? $3000 is a lot. what did she tell you she needed it for. >> plaintiff: she wouldn't tell me. >> judge mathis: when did she say repayment. >> plaintiff: end of june depending on if her husband -- exhusband paid a settlement they had on a child support and she would roll the money. before she rolls it in the 401 k, she would pull out $ deplee000. i said i gave her to the assessment. she said it would be
10:46 am
installment. >> judge mathis: she has not given you a instatement. >> plaintiff: no. >> judge mathis: let me hear from you. >> defendant: he did want intimacy and had a pump outlet and there no intimacy. it didn't happen. >> judge mathis: now, did you all remain frends after that? >> defendant: yes, we did, your honor, -- >> judge mathis: all right. so a man pulls his sexual organ and tool, the pump, pulls that out on you, a man who you have been refusing for many weekings. >> defendant: i didn't want any part of that. >> judge mathis: he pulls his organ out and you remained friends. >> defendant: yeah, i told him there no relationship. >> judge mathis: that is weird, ma'am. no woman who rejected a guy and
10:47 am
he pulls his organ out on her and she is [laughing] -- and then next everything is cool. that's not, i don't know. maybe i got to take a poll. ladies, who would be offend happened if a man just suddenly. thank you, every woman in here. you can't just pull your thing out whampt did you do? what your re? >> defendant: i said no. >> judge mathis: did you stand or sit there or what or leave the room or house? >> defendant: he was going to leave for colorado. >> judge mathis: he was on the way out of the door and he turned around? [laughing] what else, ma'am? >> defendant: we discussed about the money before and i told him i could not get it paid back until the 2013 tax return. >> plaintiff: knew nothing about that? >> defendant: the relationship
10:48 am
did not ensue and he was made and he starts stalk flipping and wants his money. >> judge mathis: stalking how. describe the incident? >> defendant: he accused me of having a boyfriend driving a blue toyota. >> judge mathis: what did you say in response? >> defendant: i ignored that. i never owned a blue toyota and i didn't care. >> judge mathis: who has evidence on any of this that i am hearing? >> plaintiff: i have a copy of the cancel would check and bank statement. >> judge mathis: i know, but the question is when the other things i am hearing. unless you have a document saying, i will pay you back at a certain time frame that i have to take your word or her word. >> plaintiff: the only thing i have -- what is your -- >> defendant: i have text messageless. >> defendant: i have text messageless. >> judge mathis: legality me
10:49 am
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10:52 am
nart the defendant susan anderson ins she and the plaintiff were not intimate. she asked him for a $3000 long after sex. >> judge mathis: you have anything to indicate she acknowledged you are in a relationship. that you were intimate. >> plaintiff: tholce are statements from my son. >> judge mathis: he goes by what you tell him unless he saw you all intimate. >> plaintiff: he didn't see us doing anything. >> judge mathis: sir, you have anything to indicate you are involve would in a intimate relationship. >> defendant: she shows me text. >> judge mathis: on her texts, it indcaste that is you were asking about a man and after you asked about the man, you wanted
10:53 am
your money back. since you have the man, give me money back. >> plaintiff: the reason for that. >> judge mathis: then on another one. i am getting the feeling that you don't want to spend time with me. what does it take? is it my competition. >> judge mathis: you sound delusional and a man who is told over and over to stop pursuing me and yet you continue to. i don't know whether you accepted that date of the 2013 or not, because thus far what you have told me has not been proven and in fact, the texts she presented sounds more like what she said is the truth over what you say. these are communications between the two of you and indicates you are pursuing her and stalking her, i am going to dismiss your claim and ask you to return when the debt is due by her testimony. good luck to you.
10:54 am
have a good day. >> plaintiff: thank you, your honor,. [ applause ] >> defendant: he keeps thinking thing negligence your head that is not there. >> plaintiff: talk to the hand, the ears aren't listening. >> hi, judge mathis, i am gary, if i file for bankruptcy, will the income of my pension be used to pay off my debt? >> judge mathis: great question. for the answer go to
10:55 am
10:56 am
today on america's court with judge ross. >> what is it we were trying to accomplish? >> i was trying to stick to impulse. when you have an eetding disorder it's an impulse. so i gave him a candle. >> that smelled like -- >> the candles have no scent your honor. >> the whole purpose behind law is to right wrong. i want justice to be something that isn't this foreign concept. >> justice knows no boundaries. the truth will be heard, fair, firm, compassionate. this is "america's court" with
10:57 am
judge ross. harry paxton is suing al hoggins in the amount of $345 for the cost of so-called psychic energy treatments that mr. paxton claims were unsatisfactory. >> all rise. remain standing and come to order. this court is now in session. in honorable judge kevin ross residing. >> ladies and gentlemen you maybe seated. >> all parties have been sworn on this one your honor. mr. paxton, talk to me, you went to mr. hoggins who is a psychic and you weren't happy with the results? >> not at all. i first went to mr. hoggins or al's place to try to get a center in myself. >> what's with the candles. >> well that's part of the problem there. he tried to assist me by giving me candles to take home to burn at night to find my center as he said because the problem that i
10:58 am
was having was like deep depression. >> what were you depressed over? >> i lost a few family members and it spiralled out into depression and eating and overeating and chicken binges. >> chicken binges? >> yeah. >> okay. >> when i get depressed i eat. >> a lot of people do. >> it went toally leaving the c place and saw his light and it was like it spoke to me -- >> what do you mean he saw his light. >> he has one of those hotel type lights that flash outside. >> like a neon sign. >> right. >> you had gotten food. >> it was down the street from me. >> talk to me, sir, how long have you been in this type of work? this line of business. >> your honor, first of all, it's a pleasure to meet you. you have a wonderful aura about
10:59 am
you. >> we don't need to go there. stop, stop, thank you. i don't need a candle. i appreciate all of that. i receive it in the spirit that it is being given. >> thank you. >> but how long have you been in business, sir. >> i have been iness ten years. >> all right. so when mr. paxton came to you felt as though you could help him in some way. >> yes, your honor. >> you go inside. what happened? >> he seeme said i know what's going on, you need to stop eating the chicken and i almost felt like crying because i wasn't eating chicken at that time but he knew it. it's like he really is psychic. >> and it didn't dawn on you that the chicken place is right down the street? >> not at that moment. later on i started thinking yes. but at that time it was just like chills ran down my body. >> so i'm going to go back to you mr. hoggins. was it chicken as much


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